The Island of Greed


There once was a small island far, far away
And on it lived a man who was sad until one day
He found a treasure, which made him happy and gay,
But off this little island he had no way.

He dreamed of the things he could buy and places he could see
With the magnificent treasure he found that made him so happy.
He thought of things to do to escape this island in the sea,
But nothing seemed to work, at least nothing of reality.

One day he noticed a ship passing by
Out of a shirt he made a flag to fly.
Was this his way off the island? It was worth a try.
But the captain saw the treasure and couldn’t believe his eyes.

The captain asked, “Would thee liked to be removed from this land?
If so, give me your treasure and well, my man,
I will take thee far, far away to places that are grand.”
“I will not give up thy treasure which was unburied by my own hands.”

The captain grew angry, and pulled out his gun
And said, “Give me your treasure or your life will be done!”
The greedy island man grabbed the treasure and began to run.
Escape was quite troublesome, for the treasure weighed a ton.

He ran and ran ’till he was out of breath,
So he sat on a rock to take a rest.
He was shot from behind by the pirates of the sea,
The death of another victim claimed by greed.


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