Monkey vs. Midget Clown


Ok, the damn midget clown visited me again last night in another dream, BUT there’s good news. Before I get into the story, let me say that I’ve always wanted a pet monkey. I think that’s the only thing I’ve ever been jealous of Michael Jackson about. Anyways, since I can’t have a real monkey, I’ve settled for an imaginary monkey who I’ve named Theodore.

Ok, I was picking apples from my favorite apple tree and that darn midget clown was chasing me around the apple tree. Not knowing how much longer I could keep the little guy away from me, I began to run away from the tree and tried to run home. As I’m running home, the small ball of horror is slowly catching up. Out of the air jumps Theodore. It was like a kung fu movie. Theodore head-butted that little bastard and then drop kicked him all in one fell swoop. See, some dreams can end up good.

This is Theodore

This is Theodore


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  1. Jackie Arceneaux says:

    What about JERAMIA??!!! He can save you.

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