Daddy’s Princess


This was a poem that I wrote for my little girl one Christmas after she was born…


There is nothing as special as the birth of a child

And there’s nothing as precious as a toothless smile.

A bundle of joy and full of life and bliss

She’s daddy’s little girl; she’s my beautiful Princess.

Delight from something as simple as a tiny grin

Watching her move about and taking all of life in.

There is nothing as touching when she screeches with delight

Wide brown eyes, outstretched arms and her love burning bright.

So much love and protection that I want to bring,

So that my dear Princess will have to worry about nothing.

Unconditional love, big hopes and dreams I have for you

I will always be here for you whatever life takes you through.

When you are adult and full grown, I hope you use the things I’ve shown.

Please pass them on with lots of love when you have a child to call your own.

I know someday like a butterfly you will be grown and take flight.

Please always remember my dear Princess God will forever shine his light.

I have told you I love you everyday of your life,

Always remember you are my love, my Princess and my life!


2 Responses to “Daddy’s Princess”

  1. Joyce says:

    Wow, what a wonderful, beautiful expression of your love for our little princess. With those feelings, I know my beautiful granddaughter will be guided by much love and security! There is nothing as special to a daughter than to know the love her Daddy has for her!

  2. Joyce says:

    A mother’s love for her daughter is a special bond. A mother loves her daughter is unconditional and wants only the best for her. However, to have your Daddy feel the same way is extremely special.

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