The Next Step


I clear my mind; I clear my head.
Yet I still have the thought that I want to be dead.
Free of sorrow and definitely free of pain,
Death is a way to end life’s pleasure less game.
What did I do to deserve all this strife?
All I ever wanted was a peaceful and joyous life.
Life’s wicked game has surely taken its toll on me.
Everyone says I have much to live for, but I just can’t agree.
Fear of death no longer holds a barrier in my way.
And I don’t know why I continue, but I don’t know why I stay.
Perhaps I’m trying to convince myself that things could be changed.
Maybe my priorities are out of order. Maybe my life needs to be rearranged.
What shall I do with these inevitable feelings inside?
I used to keep them bottled up, but they’re no longer feelings I hide.
Where do I go now? Where do I run to next?
This decision is much too complicated; For now I’m much too perplexed.


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