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Thought of the Day


To discover true love, one must first embrace his own soul.

Thought of the Day


Just as water nourishes a plant, knowledge nourishes the mind and love nourishes the soul.

Thought of the day!


Why settle for what you’re comfortable with or what you’ve grown to become accustomed to? Why allow yourself to continue to follow the same ideals that you grew up with if you don’t agree with them? Open yourself up to new ideas and explore new principles. Don’t be afraid to follow your heart. Don’t allow other’s judgements to hinder your decision to chase new beliefs. To grow, you must allow your mind to be open to new beliefs, new ideas and new principles. Constantly strive to learn and don’t be afraid of the doors that knowledge will open to you. Embrace those doors as this will only allow the mind to continue to grow instead of becoming stagnant. Knowledge will grow the mind as the mind will grow the heart. The heart is what will guide you through the walk of life!